Sunday, 4 March 2018

Behind - Writing "Raw"

My heart aches so bad, the tears hide
Behind dry eyes
Negativity is starting to seep in, replacing positivity
Behind each kiss
Time feels like it's running out
Behind the ticking arms

My mind is filled with anger and impatience
Behind each smile
Each stolen moment ends up feeling like a dream
Behind each look.

Behind a dividing wall, we both stand
Waiting for decision and action, from one side
Never forward, always

This is one of my "raw" poems. It has not been edited or "polished" in any way. To start writing anything, we need to write "raw". This means no corrections, no grammar checks, just writing as the words flow from our mind through our fingers. It is how a poem or story is first created. "Raw" writing is like being naked and fully exposed, getting down on paper or screen what emotion is running through our soul, bothering our brain and filling our mind.

It might never become a story, a poem or even a blog. It is the writer in us, the need to express our self through our blessed talent. Sometimes, as a writer, we need to get "raw" for our self to improve our skill or just release whatever is holding us back.

After the raw, comes the final touches, making it readable to our readers so they may too share in our journey.

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