Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Book Review: Longtails: The Storm of the Springs by Jaysen Headley

I finally found the time to sit and write this book review and the great thing about this book is that I don’t even know where to start. So let’s start at the beginning…..

Close your eyes and imagine mice dressed from head to toe in special colours wandering the streets where humans used to roam. Mice protecting the streets of civilisation from other animals like slenders.
Now, meet Del….

Del is an ordinary mouse, just like you and me (well, we’re humans but stay with me!), who loves spending his time lazing around reading comics left behind by us humans. His family has disowned him, making him leave to face the world on his own with nothing but his comics and the scarf his Mother made him.

Del thinks life can’t get any better until one fatal night when instinct takes over, making him get involved in a situation that changes his life.

Enter the Longtails!

Del’s interfering instinct crosses the path of the Longtails, special mice with special powers.

Before Del knows it, he embarks on a journey of discovery, adventure and friendship. Fighting scenes, magical powers and animal pirates help Del discover that he is not just any ordinary, boring mouse.

Del is not just lazy, no good Del but a Trelock!

Read Longtails:The Storm of the Springs by Jaysen Headley to find out more.

This book is great for all young animal lovers. Give them the opportunity to get lost in a world where  humans are extinct and animals roam our streets and live in our houses.

I enjoyed the constant action, banter between friends and foes, and the character development of all the animals in this book. 

The author Jaysen Headley has a written a novel which I recommend for ages from 10 and up. His interesting animals and creative words can encourage children to use their imagination as animals have taken over our human world and changed it to suit their needs and wants.

However, there is quite a lot of superhero and book references which could distract the reader slightly if he/she does not know their superheroes and children’s books but the action will keep them satisfied and turning the pages.

This book is the first one of a series and I look forward to the many adventures of our dear friend Del!

To purchase your copy and/or learn more about the world of 
please visit: The Longtails Saga

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