Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Book Review: The Man on the Roof by Michael Stephenson

Shady Lake Lane seems just like your average suburbia lane, with the usual neighbours such as the “young” couple, the “all together” family, the “odd” couple, etc. The children in the lane spend just as much time together as the adults. These families are all friends, doing everything together, just like in a daily soap opera. Life is pretentiously perfect until Zach is found hanging.

Murder, lies, secrets and a nosy old man creates doubts and distrust in this road, leaving everyone suspecting each other.

As the case unfolds, we, as the reader, discover their secrets and start realising the truth until the last page.

Do we ever really know our neighbours?  
What lurks behind closed doors?

Being a crime novel fan, I enjoyed trying to figure out who did it but couldn’t get there, so, loved finally finding out at the end. Crime readers will enjoy this book, reading page after page as the clues and lies are slowly revealed.

The only disappointment of this book was that I sometimes lost track of who I was reading about as chapters were written in the first person. However, it didn’t stop me from wanting to keep reading to find out who the murderer was. It would have been easier to read as well as a paperback copy.

As I write this blog, I am still wondering who the man on the roof is. Let me know once you have read it, if you have any idea.

Michael Stephenson entertains the reader in a gripping, sinister way. But don’t just take my word for it, buy yourself a copy and get sucked into Shady Lake Lane’s thrilling secrets and lies!

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