Monday, 26 September 2016

Misled by C.J. Spammer

How many of us have run away from our truth, ignore reality or sacrificed something important to us?  How many of us, like Sara, think it’s our only option?

Sara thought hiding the truth, ignoring the reality and sacrificing some things would protect those she loved. The less they knew and had to deal with would make life better or so she thought.  Sara thought she wouldn’t have to face it again.

Read how Sara has arrived where she is now by also reading about her then. Like all of us, our past decisions help shape our future. Sara’s life is turned upside down when her “then” returns to her “now”. Love, secrets and lies lay dormant until now. How much truth can she tell?

I can’t write much more as I will reveal too much but I encourage you to get drawn into this Cape Town love story. This novel will leave you speechless causing you to reflect on your own love story.

The last few questions I have are:  will there be a sequel and if so how much more truth can we handle?

I was blessed again by meeting C.J. Spammer,  another great new local author. Misled is simply written but eloquent. C.J. Spammer makes simply walking in another person’s shoes exciting and interesting enticing you to find out more. I really enjoyed this story and loved the easy going writing. In my opinion, this is a book suitable for young adults to adults.

I urge you to order yourself and your best friend a copy and spend rainy days or lazy, sunny afternoons reading.

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