Monday, 3 October 2016

Welcome to the Bookworm Buddy!

Recently, I read an article about how difficult it is for local South African authors to market and sell their books. The local industry is competitive as we compete locally and internationally. It is difficult to compete especially with established, well known authors.  It disturbed and scared as an aspiring writer. It makes you ask, is there a point in trying? And the answer is YES.

I have started this blog to hopefully help new local authors market their debut book by reading and reviewing it openly and honestly. I believe that is is worthwhile getting an unknown person to do this.

Many new authors have to self publish and self market their own books which is not easy to do. Our family and friends support us but sometimes we do need outside feedback and this is where I come into it.

So...if you have written your first book and are currently self marketing and/or are about to self publish your book and would like me to read and review it on this blog, please contact me on: The Bookworm Buddy
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