Monday, 14 November 2016

Enter the CRYPT

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Sitting in my library is a lonely affair so I thought I would do what I love, reading, while I wait. In my bookworm world, books are shared by passing on to others to read. I was given this one recently - CRYPT: The Gallow's Curse by Andrew Hammond. 

Jud Lester is not Jud Lester but yet, he is. Jud is an agent for C.R.Y.P.T., a secret agency employed to investigate and stop paranormal activity in England. New recruits arrive and things get interesting. What does Jud's true identity have to do with all of this?

People terrified and killed by those who click with their mouths and in the distance a bell can be heard. Ghosts become visible and can be touched and felt. As activities increase, the public is scared and the reports label it "Ghost Hauntings".

Chief Inspector Khan hates the idea of allowing teenagers to do their job, especially when there is a ridiculous idea of ghosts committing crimes all around. 

The C.R.Y.P.T's job becomes difficult as their secrecy and ability to be invisible is compromised and the possibility of being shutdown becomes a reality.

What are they going to do?

If you have a teenager who is interested in the paranormal, get them this book and maybe the other four currently in the series to keep them up at night and allow their imagination to run wild. The imagery and graphic description is good. Unfortunately, the few spell check "misses" can disturb the eye when trying to understand the sentence but still an interesting read.

Another great stocking filler for Christmas to keep them busy during the holidays.

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