Tuesday, 22 November 2016

All Aboard!

It’s a Saturday and their little faces are squished against the glass, wishing Mommy would take them out into the sun to play. If only they could go where James has been?

“All aboard” can be heard as Mommy gathers her troop, armed with a blanket, a picnic basket and their favourite story.

Screams of glee echoes through the car as Mommy stops outside…..

 By Heather Davidson

As Mommy reads the story about all the things James gets to do at the Choo Choo Park, their toes start to wriggle with excitement as they can do them too!

Allow your children to journey with James on the big red train, using their imagination to visit faraway places. Journey with your children as they whizz down the slide and make Mommy dizzy on the roundabout.

The Choo Choo Park is simply a delightful book about visiting a local park and all the fun the whole family can have, spending time together. This story allows young children to relate with James, just another child like them wanting to play and pretend.

The bright colourful illustrations by Celeste Beckerling add to the adventure of the imagination, creating the joy of the story.

Heather Davidson shares a story created for her son, James who loved the Choo Choo Park. Parents bring this wonderful story alive by visiting the actual Choo Choo Park which is situated in Belvedere Road, Claremont. The big red train can be seen from the road.

The language is easy for children to understand and ideal for children aged between 2 and 5. The book does have one or two grammar errors but this does not affect the story at all. I love the fact that this is truly a South African book, written and illustrated by Capetonians.

 So, take my advice, grab a copy of the Choo Choo Park and show your children how stories can come alive by using their imagination.

Grab your copy at the Book Lounge, 71 Roeland Street, Cape Town from January 2017. Alternatively, please contact the author, Heather Davidson via e-mail: Stories By Heather

Would you like to get know Heather and Celeste better?
Visit their websites: Stories By Heather / Celeste Beckerling

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