Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Book Review: Two True Classics!

I was so excited when I could finally take both these books out at once from the library, especially since the second one is a "recent" book. As you know, it is quite seldom that you manage to get a "recent" book at the library.

So, I raced home with them and went to my favourite reading chair and got lost in the world of a town called Maycomb County. Firstly, I met some young children named Jean Louise and Jem Finch. Then I got the pleasure of meeting their friend Dill. Life through the eyes of Jean Louise or "Scout" never disappoints as our young lady likes to play like a tomboy, has an enquiring mind and seems to find trouble often.

Life for the innocents change as their gentle, well-liked father and the town's lawyer, Atticus decides to take on a difficult criminal case. Racial issues, poverty and lifestyles class. Who will win? Why did Atticus take this case?  Oh and to end it off, who is Boo Radley?

To Kill A Mockingbird is a must read for everyone from young to old. I encourage everyone to read this book at least once in their lifetime. Harper Lee doesn't tell you but shows you how to walk another person's shoes and how ordinary life is extraordinary. She shows how to see different viewpoints and see the drama unfolding from different sides of the street.

As I finished this one, I looked forward to meeting with "Scout" again in Go Set A Watchman. I am so glad that this book was eventually published and shared.

We return to Maycomb County with "Scout", now a 26 year old adult. She returns to visit Atticus, 72 years old only to learn a hard, life lesson she wasn't expecting. Scout still has a tomboy spirit but has learnt to act like a young lady as much as can be expected. She still finds trouble and loves it, especially to aggravate her Aunt. Scout has a man waiting at her feet but is she ready for a lifelong commitment? What life lesson has hurt her and changed her viewpoint about her father? Can she accept what she now sees?

Harper Lee puts our feet, once again, in Scout's shoes and we journey with her as and adult, facing adult issues as well as personal ones. Harper Lee doesn't disappoint in this book as she continues to show us and not tell us how the old has been replaced with new, how Scout still loves and hates her small town, and how we all change as we grow up.

I thoroughly enjoyed both books and I strongly recommend to everyone that you read one after the other. Life, laughter and lessons fill both these books. One is a classic and the other is becoming a classic in our time!

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