Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Consider the small things

As a writer, we often ask ourselves "Should we include this detail or emotion? Does this sentence make the scene seem boring?" but how often do we ask ourselves or remind ourselves to "consider the small things".

Why are the "small things" important? Well, a small thing could show the reader what your character is wearing. It could show the reader how the character is feeling or what they are doing. A small thing could end off the scene perfectly.

At my past writing workshop, we learnt that what we often think is boring might not be boring to the next person, our reader, the ones we are actually writing for. We discovered that what we find a daily task boring and uneventful, actually was interesting to another. The other person enjoyed hearing how we, the writers, handle that boring task, how we are feeling about doing it and how we perceive it to be tedious and boring.

Aspiring writers, I urge you to once in a while consider the small things. Never assume that the boring to us, is boring to others. We all think our lives are boring but our boring could make another laugh, shed a tear or be inspired.

I encourage you to try the exercise we did in our workshop. Think of something that you find boring in your daily life and write either a paragraph or for about ten minutes, post it in the comments below. Consider sending it to a friend to read for feedback. You might be surprised! I would love to read yours.

Here is my paragraph to give you an idea:

I never thought finding a pair of shoes could be an adventure until I reached my thirties. Shop assistants trying not to laugh as I ask if they have ladies shoes in a size 1 or 2. Wide-eyed assistants gently directing me to the children’s department and shocked helpers shaking their heads with no hope for me. My Mother rolling her eyes as we’ve reached the fifth shop with no luck. I tire quickly in my worn shoes as I try to smile positively, looking down at the glitter and flowery shoes that fit.

As I consider them, I wonder how long my pants have to be to hide most of it, still trying to laugh at my shortcomings. Hunched shoulders and feeling slight despair, I take them off and glance at the price. In an instant, the warmth of sun fills me and my smile spreads as I finally realise that this long, darkened adventure has brought me into the light at half price. 

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Until, next time, happy writing!


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