Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Missing Door, Lock and Key

When a writer sits at their desk and starts writing, he/she gets lost into their fictional realm. Sights and sounds all around them disappear as the focus is plotting a story to be shared.

I am a writer...well, professing to be one. Winter is my season to write as I love hiding in my room, listening to the rain as the background soundtrack to the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard. However, lately, people keep finding me when I am trying to emerge myself into my story. My child will find a reason to stand like a statue next to me, breaking my concentration. One of my parents will find a reason to ask a question, make a statement or just walk in to see what I am up to.

I try to be loving and patient with them because they can't understand my need to "disappear" for a few hours on my own in solace.

I now understand why writers say go into your office or writing space and lock yourself in, shut the outside out and be free. It is the only way to get any writing done.

When I start writing, I get so excited that I get lost into the story, as I visualise my story, walking in the shoes of each character as they journey and it cuts me off completely, making me lose my mojo when distractions appear out of nowhere and seemingly always when I'm in the middle of a conflict.

People who don't write, don't often understand why you are writing and why you need isolation. Cutting off from our life to write is one of the much needed things a writer needs to do. A writer needs their creative, safe space to bring out their weirdness, their imagination and their ability to see life differently.

As I pondered this, I realised that my solution to this "big" problem is very simple. I am missing three essential things...a door, a lock and a key.....

My writing space is in a little alcove off my room which is still open. So....I pray for a door to close off my space, a working lock and a key to lock me in, to create, to get lost and spend time with my characters.

What is holding you back to finish that burning story on your soul?
Is there a simple solution to the problem?

Don't let a solvable problem stop you from being the best writer you can be.....find your door to hide behind, your key to lock it to free you in your creativity.

Maybe you have managed to find your perfect spot - well done and keep writing!

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  1. I can relate :-) I can only really write when I'm alone somewhere, either at home or babysitting when the children are asleep.