Thursday, 14 September 2017

A Writer's Light Bulb Moment

When you decide to write the novel burning in your brain, you discover that it is not easy putting the vision into words. So, you turn to famous authors and "Google". Research, research, research!

It is difficult trying to find your own way of writing. I read how other writers have done it, followed their advice and often their method of writing. From the snowflake method, to  writing scenes, then little notes all over the place. Not all worked and the ones that worked didn't quite fit me most of the time.  However, the wrong methods did help me to start writing and actually get a story down regardless of the form it took.

My light bulb moment happened when I was listening to a video by Ted Dekker, a famous Christian writer. He made it sound so simple, and actually it is. His definition:

I will never forget this moment for me as a writer. Sitting at your desk, listening, searching for that answer you need to make sense for you and then he spoke, the light bulb went on and I smiled. I had found my sense....

That one sentence helped me to understand and see how I should write. Look at that sentence. Now break it up....

What are the "series of events" in your story?
Who are your "worthy characters"?
How do they "change"?

Getting ideas? Seeing your characters? Noticing how they are evolving?

So I took this sentence and started my novel from scratch, using a time line to plot my "series of events" (one side of the page) and listing the "worthy characters" (on the other side) and noting "how they change" down the time line. My story became clearer to me and I found that I could writer better too.

I was so excited with my realisation that I made the sign you see above and put it on my desk where I can always see it. When ever I get stressed about writing, I read it, reminding myself what questions to start with.

This definition also reminds me that I can do it because I love writing, love creating lives and sharing it with others.This helped relieve the stress of writing and helped me see things simply.

My adventure continues as I write my novel with this in mind, excited to see the end result. 

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Have you found a writing method that fits you?

If not, don't stop researching and trying.....
your light bulb will come on eventually!

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